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The Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosquenow a ruin, was the first structure. Like other early Islamic buildings it re-used elements such as columns from destroyed Hindu and Jain temples, including one on the same site whose platform was reused.

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The style was Iranian, but the arches were still corbelled in the traditional Indian way. Its closest comparator is the metre all-brick Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan, of c. Another very early mosque, begun in the s, is the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra in AjmerRajasthanbuilt for the same Delhi rulers, again with corbelled arches and domes. Here Hindu temple columns and possibly some new ones are piled up in ce este gama în opțiunile binare to achieve extra height.

Both mosques had large detached screens with pointed corbelled arches added in front of them, probably under Iltutmish a couple of decades later.

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In cum să exercitați o opțiune pe forturi the central arch is taller, in imitation of an iwan. At Ajmer the smaller screen arches are tentatively cusped, for the first time in India.

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Bold contrasting colours of masonry, with red sandstone and white marbleintroduce what was to become a common feature of Indo-Islamic architecture, substituting for the polychrome tiles used in Persia and Central Asia. The pointed arches come together slightly at their base, giving a mild horseshoe arch effect, and their internal edges are not cusped but lined with conventionalized "spearhead" projections, possibly representing lotus buds. Jalistone openwork screens, are introduced here; they already had been long used in temples.

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Timber is also used internally. This was the earliest major monument of the Tughlaq dynasty —built during the unsustainable expansion of its massive territory. It was built for a Sufi saint rather than a sultan, and most of the many Tughlaq tombs are much less exuberant.


The tomb of the founder of the dynasty, Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq d. Unlike the buildings mentioned previously, it completely lacks carved texts, and sits in a compound with high walls and battlements.

Indo-Islamic architecture

Both these tombs have external walls sloping slightly inwards, by 25° in the Delhi tomb, like many fortifications including the ruined Tughlaqabad Fort opposite the tomb, intended as the new capital. They left many buildings, and a standardized dynastic style.

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Most of the monumental buildings constructed were tombs, although the impressive Lodi Gardens in Delhi adorned with fountains, charbagh gardens, ponds, tombs and mosques were constructed by the late Lodi dynasty. The architecture of other regional Muslim states was often more impressive. The architecture of the Malwa and Jaunpur sultanates has also left some significant buildings.

Toate drepturile asupra acestei ediții sunt rezervate autorului. Lucrarea nu poate fi copiată stocată sau transmisă indiferent prin ce formă fără acordul prealabil al autorului. Reproducerea unor idei sau pasaje din acest volum se face potrivit legii. În timp ce era elev la Școala medie tehnică din municipiul Buzău s-a prezentat în instituție o echipă din aeronautică cu scopul de a recruta viitori elevi pentru a urma cursul de instruire în zbor Era șansa sa de a-și împlini visul așa că Țucu nu a stat prea mult pe gânduri și a optat pentru aeronautică.

The main mosque in the large Gulbarga Fort or citadel is unusual in having no courtyard. There are a total of 75 domes, all small and shallow and small except for a large one above the mihrab and four lesser ones at the corners.

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The large interior has a central hypostyle space, and wide aisles with "transverse" arches springing from unusually low down illustrated. This distinctive cum să exercitați o opțiune pe forturi is found in other Bahmanid buildings, and probably reflects Iranian influence, which is seen in other features such as a four- iwan plan and glazed tiles, some actually imported from Iran, used elsewhere.

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The architect of the mosque is said to have been Persian. The Mahmud Gawan Madrasa begun s is a large ruined madrasa "of wholly Iranian design" in Bidar founded by a chief minister, with parts decorated in glazed tiles imported by sea from Iran. These have domes which are slightly pulled in at the base, [27] predating the onion domes of Mughal architecture.